05 Juli 2012


Go green! Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb The honorable judges, ladies and gentleman, and my fellow students. May Allah blesses us all. Amin. I send grateful to Allah SWT who has given us so many blessings and permitted us to gather here in good health so we could meet each other to compete, to challenge our skill and to sharpen our mentality, fairness and creativity. Ladies and gentleman, Allah created our world with extraordinary orderly fashion with complete content of it. Allah, the most affectionate, told us in our Holy Qur’an that He created human beings to be able to talk, He created plants and trees to bow before Him, He made the sun and the moon to go round based on perfect calculation. He created the balance, and you all must not destroy the balance, and must keep the balance fairly and must not reduce the balance. Ladies and gentleman, It is so clear that Allah created the Earth and its content very perfectly, orderly, disciplined, systematically and works or runs unstoppingly and without hesitation only for keeping the balance. It is the balance of life, the balance of environment, and the balance of faith. That’s why we must preserve our Earth to make it clean, green, and natural. Dear friends, It is important to go green because Allah created the Earth for mankind. It’s not a good behavior if we’re indifferent with our Earth. The Earth is getting old and fragile, let’s go green. Don’t let global warming. The one destroying the Earth is human, so the one responsible for fixing it is human as well. It’s easy to go green. How? It’s “one student one tree program”. If our school has 174 students, there will be 174 trees plus 5 trees from each teacher. If there are 15 teachers, it means 5 multiplied by 15 equal to 75. Then 75 trees from teachers plus 174 trees from students, there are 249 trees. We can grow 249 trees at school and our school will be green, fresh, and natural. And what things to do after that? We must keep them, water them, and love them. Allah loves beauty. That’s all from me. Please forgive for my mistakes, and one more time, Let’s go green. Wassalaamu ‘alaikum wr, wb.

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